Our Services

We offer AI-powered decision support solutions helping business to highlight their strengths and weaknesses and identifying the strategic opportunities and threats.

Predictive Analytics

We design and develop cutting edge AI-powered predictive solutions equipped with data mining and deep learning to enable planning with lookahead.

Optimization in Logistics

We are specialized in simulation and optimization of complex logistic systems in particular crossdocking, routing and city logistics, port and maritime operations.

Decision Support Systems

We provide solutions and methodologies based on optimisation and simulation of processes to support business and organizational decision-making activities.

Business Analytics

We provide technologies, dashboard and solutions for real-time and retrospective analysis of performance to gain insight and derive success plans.

Digital Transformation

We advise and accompany businesses in their journey towards a digital service provision by deploying appropriate technologies and developing tailored solutions.

Performance Analysis

We help businesses to identify their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and accompany them all along the way to reach targets.